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What Are The Famous Dishes Of Konya?

  1. Meatloaf
    The answer to the question of what is the first dish that comes to mind when Konya is mentioned is definitely "Etliekmek. It is similar to pita, but it is very different from pita with its unique cooking method and taste.
    The main feature that distinguishes it from pita is that it meets with minced meat, finely chopped tomatoes, peppers and onions, and Konya's unique flour and is cooked in a wood oven. Etliekmeğ's dough is neither too thick nor too thin, its dough has a certain standard. Traditional Konya Etliekmeğ is made of mutton meat of 70-80 cm in length and 20-25 cm in width. If Etliekmek is not served like this in Konya, it is thought to be out of tradition.
  2. Furun (Oven) Kebab
    Furun Kebab dates back to Seljuk times. Small ovens in the middle of Konya used to cook meat in copper basins, but the big ovens built with the change of conditions did not forget this flavor and continued it traditionally.
    The most important feature that distinguishes itself from the kebab varieties found in our country is that it is made not only from lamb or mutton meat, but also lamb and sheep carcasses, that is, only fat on the meat, consisting of meat without muscle, skin, blood vessels, nerve parts, cooked in a natural wood fire oven and other than salt. no additives are used.
  3. Tirit
    The cubed meat is taken into the pot and roasted until the meat absorbs the water left in the pot. After the meat has evaporated, hot water and cumin are added, just enough to cover the meat a little. After the meat is cooked in a pressure cooker until soft, stale breads are sliced ​​and hardened slightly in the oven. The breads are cut into 2 cm squares and transferred to the serving plate. Butter, salt and pepper are added to the boiled meat 10 minutes before it is removed from the fire. It is served by pouring the meat on the bread with its juices and pouring garlic yogurt on it.
  4. Dried Okra Soup
    Okra soup, which has been made since ancient times, is of great importance as an appetizer in classical menus in Konya. As it is in the tradition of wedding and invitation dinners, which is important in Konya, it is served after the dessert due to its sourness, and it is provided to create an appetite for the meals to be eaten in a second meal presentation. It is prepared with dried flower okra and cubed meat.
  5. Arabaşı Soup
    Arabaşı soup, which is the indispensable soup of cold winter days in Konya, is actually a spicy chicken soup, but it has a feature that distinguishes it from spicy chicken soup, this feature is the dough that is given at the presentation stage and shaped into a slurry of water, salt and flour. The way it is eaten is to take a piece of dough cut in the form of baklava on a spoon, then dip it into a soup bowl and swallow the dough without chewing.
  6. Fat Salmon
    It is a flavor loved by the people of Konya and especially eaten after the morning prayer. Its feature is that the salmon bread, which is prepared from yeast bread dough, is baked in the stone oven for a while, then a large amount of butter is applied, the desired material is placed in it, and it is baked in the stone oven until it is browned again, and it is ready for service.
  7. Sheet Break
    It is a very special and light dessert that is especially important in weddings and prepared in Konya. Pistachio is sprinkled inside the specially prepared phyllo and served with cream on the side.
  8. Zerde
    It is the indispensable dessert of Konya weddings. Its construction is as follows: It is prepared by cooking rice with water and adding barberry sugar and cloves. It is known as a kind of sugary rice porridge given its color and smell with saffron.

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