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Mevlana Seb-i Arus Ceremonies

This ceremony, which is being held in Konya, is the night of tolerance, benevolence, love and compassion. The meaning of Seb-i Arus is wedding. Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi defined his death as the night of reunion with his beloved, that is, the night of death, because of the love he felt for his Lord.
These ceremonies held in Konya are held between 7-17 December every year, and Konya attaches great importance to the preparations for this ceremony. Seb-i Arus ceremonies take place at the Mevlana Cultural Center with the sema programs prepared between 7-17 December. This ceremony includes programs consisting of conferences, poetry recitals, skies, photography competitions, theaters and exhibitions, the main purpose of the ceremony is to understand Mevlana and shed light on his life.

Things to know about Seb-i Arus ceremonies;

  • Seb-i Arus Ceremonies start with the March of Love and Tolerance on 7 -7 December every year.
  • The ceremonies, which started on December 7, end on December 17, which is recorded as the day of Mevlâna's death.
  • The wide skirted dress worn by the whirling dervishes is called 'tennure'.
  • These ceremonies are not spectacles, so they should not be applauded.
  • Seb-i Arus Ceremonies last for 10 days. There are many activities from Sema ceremonies to photography contests to interviews.
  • Şeb-i Arus means 'wedding night' or 'bridal night'.
  • Mevlana, who said, 'My death day is my wedding day', was called 'Şeb-i Arus' because of the fact that he would meet God on that day.
  • The word "return" is not used for whirling dervishes. The word 'sema' is used.

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